For avanturists

Spend time in nature, fly under the clouds, or dive and visit the mysterious world of human fish. Are you ready to give up everyday comfort of a warm bed, ready dinner and toilet paper? Are you more than interested in the underwater world in the underground world? Or is it your dream to fly below the clouds – better than ever? Then events that Kocevska can offer are waiting for you to remember for your entire life.

Survival in nature

If you think that animals are lucky because they do not live stressful life everyday, then join us on this adventure and we will change your mind. Most of the time you will spend searching for food and water in nature. After exhausting, long day we will build a shelter to spend the night in. Maybe you will find some talents that you had no idea they exist in the deepest place of your mind. Are you ready to taste the real nature?

Scuba diving

Welcome to the underworld will give you four caves and faeries that live in them. You will be guided by them trough incredible underworld chatedrals in several floors. On the first floor there is the hall, where the colony of bats found a place to live. On the second floor you will find a lot of dripstones. Enterance to the underworld is 30 meters above the ground and there you can meet Humanfish. Above the lake there is a wall that has been called a wall of echoes by Valvasor.

For lovers of flying

There is a possible way to fly with ultra-light aircraft or hang gliders. Some of these planes are hand built in home workshops. Nevertheless, they are as good as all others and you may safely fly above the woods of Kočevska and see the incredible nature from a different perspective. This is a special adventure for all adrenaline enthusiasts.