For bikers

Advanced cycling way goes trough in history closed area trough forests of three municipalities Kočecje, Ribnica and Osilnica. Colourful surrounding will make you stay there and observe the lake in Kočevska reka village, where wild animals are meeting in evening hours. After break later you will be able to enjoy Nova Štifta church and returning to Ribnica to explore unique wood and pottery work. Lately also because of bean sort Ribnčan.

To the land of Peter Klepec

Kočevska Reka – Borovec – Zgornji Čačič – Bezgovica- Osilnica

Explore the land of Peter Klepec, Slovenian Schwarzenegger, who got it powers from mountain fairy. Today you will not meet people like he was on your way. From there you will have unique chance to go to Osilnica and enjoy the view on Kuželjske stene mountains and walls. When the weather is clear you may observe Snežnik mountain or Risnjak mountain in Croatia.

Ribnica – Kočevje – Livold – Mozelj – Predgrad – Dobliče – Črnomelj

Even if you choose the the longer cycling way in this area you wont discover all the charms at once. Anyhow, you will be able to see more than others who will chose others on different ways. The starting  point of this tour is in Ribnica. After church, witches, pottery and cycling trough forest town of Kočevje takes place on your way. You will be able to refresh yourself in water of Kočevje lake. After that visit the church or city museum and discover city secrets. After a break continue your way near the fields to Knežja Lipa village to Predgrad village that hosts Sramotilni sterber stone. Torture stone fort he ones who broke the law. After a history class you will enjoy the colourful vineyards of Tanča gora and continue your way to Bela krajina region.