For fishermens

Lovers of fishing can in Kočevska region chose between four different fishing grounds. Each of them presents a different type of fish. Fishing is not permitted at all seasons so we recommend you to inform yourself before any fishing activity. Nevertheless you will absolutely enjoy the colourful world of the underwater world of Kočevska.

Kočevje lake

The Kočevsko jezero lake has a lot of the inhabitants and sorts of fish living in it. The lake is home to a lot of predator fish. Most common sorts are carp, pike and similar.

River Kolpa

In river Kolpa there are at least 39 autochthonous sorts of fish. Among them most common are trouts, graylins etc. There are also some smaller sorts of fish.

Reško jezero lake

Similarily as Kočevsko jezero lake Reško jezero lake is hosting carps, pikes and some other sorts. Also in this lake you can find crabs Jelševec that found home in that lake. On some points of lake fishing is prohibited.


River Rinža is home for many sorts of fish. From carps, spikes and others so you may fish nearby the city.