For hikers

Forest of Kočevska is a great spot for people who want to test their own scale capacities and for few days exit fast track of everyday life and enjoy the smell of nature. You will get back your energy and refill your batteries on most pure nature’s way.

The Eagle Trail (1km)

It is a picturesque didactic path that follows the edge of the lake of Kočevska Reka. We especially recommend it to families with small children who are looking for an easy but informative hike in the forest. Multiple amusing didactic tools can be found along the path, together with interactive boards and bird observatories. Their main purpose is to educate visitors about white-tailed eagle – its first known nest in Slovenia was discovered right in this area. The starting point of the Eagle trail can be found by the Cultural center in Kočevska Reka ( address: Kočevska Reka 5) where you can also check out the Eagle room, another informative attraction.

The path of Rožni studenec (3 km)

This is the oldest educational path in the area of Kočevsko. It starts at Marof (near the Marof restaurant). Because it is an easy path just like the Eagle trail, it is suitable for the youngest hikers. It is also equipped with numerous educational boards that inform us about life in the forests. The path partly follows the Rinža river and leads us past the spring of Rožni studenec and the spring of Mrzli studenec. Besides the spring of Mrzli studenec you can find a wooden construction with a bench and table where you can take some rest and enjoy nature.

Notice: The path was heavily damaged during the thunderstorm. We recommend a higher level of caution during the visit as the restoration of this part of the forest is still in progress.

Little Bear Path (1.5 km)

This path is a part of the beforementioned trail of Rožni studenec. It was created with the intention to inform the visitors about the brown bear who inhabits this area.

Notice: The path was heavily damaged during the thunderstorm. We recommend a higher level of caution during the visit as the restoration of this part of the forest is still in progress.

Walking path Stari Log – Pugled Žiben (10 km)

This 10 kilometers long circle walking path presents travel through the very colourful past of Kočevska region. Three hours long walk will take you to some of most remarkable World War II monuments. Also, some of the ruins of old villages Pugled and Žiben. This walking path is suitable for beginners and offers a lot of relaxing moments in the deepest points of Kočevska region’s forests.

The trail from Krempa to Borič (2.7 km)

This is an easy hike ( it is part of the path of Borovec nature trail) which begins in Borovec, a small village near Kočevska Reka. We can park the car by the crossroad. We follow the gravel road to the upper part of the village where we find information boards about the Borovec nature trail. We continue crossing the vast meadow up to the hunter’s lookout where the trail leads into the forest. We follow it to the next meadow where we can see blazes in the shape of the daffodil which symbolizes these flowers. They grow here abundantly in the month of May. After a few steps, we reach the peak of Kremparsko sedlo, where an outstanding view above the Upper Kolpa valley opens up. To the peak of Krempa we must turn left, but if we want to reach the peak of Krokar, we must turn right. The trail towards Krempa leads through pine forest and after the steep ascent we soon find ourselves on the top.

We continue the path towards the peak of Borič following the blazes on the trees. Beautiful views across the valley and other hills accompany us throughout the hike. We can even spot chamois climbing the steep rocks. The path is easy but there is a little bit more demanding ascend just before we reach the top.

Rog footpath (64 km)

This walking point starts at the Kočevsko jezero lake and takes you to three different destinations. Nearby you may enjoy caves settled 20.000 years in the past. Other destination can be villages Pugled and Žiben just like on trail Stari Log – Žiben. The third option walks to the highest pine tree waiting for you to admire her highness. No matter what way you will go you will be able to feel that life was present in the forest of the Kočevska region during history.

Stojna footpath

Starting point for shorter or longer walks is Koča pri Jelenovem studencu, cabin in the woods that offers you a nice welcome to forests of Kočevska region. At the same time this cabin is crossway of all paths on a hill near city of Kočevje. From there you can go to to Fridrištajn castle hill. Nearby is also Ledena jama cave that is covered in ice in all seasons of the year.Not far away there is virgin forest Strmec.

Short Kozice footpath

From village Laze near Predgrad village continue your way to the Špičasti hrib hill and you will enjoy amazing views on river Kolpa and nearby houses in its canyon. After enjoying the view continue your way to the Goli hrib hill and write your name in book of visitors. After five hours of walking at normal speed you will get to the point you started walking.

Long Kozice footpath

Walking this way you will need more time to complete it. Starting point can be from Dol village nearby river Kolpa or Predgrad village. You will pass amazing old vineyards and ghost village Hreljin. On this way you will also enjoy amazing views on Peklenski zid wall, Goli hrib. From there you will need approximately half an hour walk to Predgrad village.

Trimčkova way (12 kms; 4 – 5 hours)

One day walk is suitable for families. It starts on the Grajska pot way and leads trough Livoldski vrh hill. On the way you will pass Požgani hrib hill and later even to kočevska Reka village all to Mestni vrh hill on the way back. All together you will be able to eat something tasty and drink something good in Koča pri Jelenovem studencu cabin in the woods.