Natural and cultural heritage

Kočevska region is region of records. Here you may find the biggest slovenian walnut tree, half of century old spruce tree and one of the biggest religious objects with organs, the bigest instrument of its kind on the field of former Jugoslavija. Here the foundation of slovenian nationality was shaped during World War II and also of shaping the country like Slovenia is today.

Church of St. Fabjan and St. Jernej in Kočevje town

The church was build by the plan of architect Friedrich von Schmidt from Vienna between the years 1900 and 1903. It is one of the biggest sacral buildings in Slovenia. Organs in it was one of the biggest in former Jugoslavija. Special feature of this sacral building is decorated and some objects that can be found only in this particular building. This church is one of the most beautiful neo romanticism buildings in Slovenia. Facade made from rocks gives it more northern touch.

Fridrištajn hill

Fridrištajn is higher positioned castle in Slovenia. Today there are only ruins of the castle. In 1993 castle ruins got renovated and today you can see how big it was. They are popular turist spot on the hill above the town of Kočevje.

Šeškov dom building

The former Sokolski dom building was planned as a multiple use space with bih hall, gym, theatre and other rooms. Between years 1937 and 1938 has been build by Sokolsko društvo association. Few years later there was built foundation of Slovenian statehood. In year 1943 Assembly of the Delegates of the Slovene Nation was held there. Today there is regional museum with a colourfull historical collection.

Spring of river Bilpa

Regardless brook Bilpa is long only 130 meters it has six meters deep lake and 80 meters high wall. Diving in the lake will open you amazing world of caves that is researched by explorers from all over the world. There is a story that there is rock that devil itself jumped trough river Kolpa and stayed there. In Croatia.

King spruce tree

In the nearby Rajhenav virgin forest there is an amazing green court its kingdom has spruce tree. But not any tree, the queen of all spruce trees. Some of people call her also Debela jelka. It is the only one spruce tree of that size in the country. Its height is 51 meters, width is 510 centimeters.

Krempa hill

Krempa is most known by big fields of daffodil flowers. They are known as yellow flowers with very strong smell. You may sit and enjoy the canyon of rivers Kolpa and Čabranka. It is unique expirience to see the views on both rivers and clean nature above them.

Ledena jama cave

Ledena jama cave is all year covered with ice that is not made by North pole elves but exchanging cave and outside air. The big part has water that comes in cave and transforms into ice. During a hot summer day you may enjoy this cave as natural air conditioning.

Bigest wallnut tree

The biggest 400 hundred years old wallnut tree is 434 centimeters wide. It took number one place at list of biggest wallnut trees in Slovenia. Under tree is table made from rock. On that place all important decisions were made for the place and village. Nearby the tree is interesting new build church that was rebuilt after demolished one from 1407.

River Kolpa

Clear beauty is most frendlier to the visitors in the summer. At that time there is a lot of people canoing, swimming and doing all other water sports and activities. It is a good start point for fishing because it is home to 39 different sorts of fish. The sound of river Kolpa will be with you regardless if you will walk, ride a bycicle of roller skate near the water. In evening you will fall asleep with the saoud of water and also wake up in the same magnificent sound and smell.

Rudniško jezero lake

The Kočevsko jezero lake took place in history as brown coal mine. In 1970 mine stopped working and changed its purpose. Today on that place you may enjoy water activities. It is one of favorite points for tourist in the town of Kočevje. In summer lake is a destination for swimmers and other water sports lovers. In winter ice skaters take advantage of frozen water. Around the lake is walking path where you may explore almost 65 different sorts of birds. Among them almost 15 endangered sorts.