If you want to see Slovenian animal kingdom Kočevska region is definitely the right destination for you. Here you can watch some of special animal sorts. Here is home of brown bear, owl Kozača and lnyx. Also there are some of unique sorts of wild animals.

Brown bear
(Ursos Arctos)

Half of Slovenian bears are living on land of Kočevska region. Therefore bear presents symbol of the region. On this land bear is protected by Slovenian, European and international laws. Bear living in this region eats mostly vegetation and fruits. They try to escape contact with humans. In average bears live 35 years and they get about 200 to 400 kgs of weight. Females are lighter at about 150 and up to 350 kgs. During winter they can lose also up to 50 percent of their weight.

Kozača owl

In Kočevska region lives nine out of thirteen European owl sorts. One of them is Kozača owl, that got the name from Fran Erjavec who named her by the sound that is similar to the one that goats make. This sort of owl is very protective to her kids as a mother and therefore dangerous. Males sort out food while females take care of clean nest. This type of owl lives up to 40 years.


Regarding wolfs eating menu it is not odd that in stories he took part of negative character. In history this sort of animal almost disappeared from our forests. In 90s wolf became endangered species.

and then they started spreading like animal sort. They live from 12 to 16 years. Usually they are in troops of 7 animals. In their system, it is clear who is the main male and main female.


Lynx completly disapeared from our forests and needed to be inhabited again after years. Therefore hunters brought to our forests some lynx from Slovakia. Today they got descendants. Today lnyx is soon to be endangered species

again. They are very good predators and most of their food are deers, wild pigs and other wild animals. They live from 14 to 17 years.


On the walls and rocks above river Kolpa you may observ the troops of chamoises. It does not belong to endangered species of animals. It is a common target of hunters. They mostly eat grass and tree bark. They live up to 24 years of age.

Wild hog

The nubmer one enemy of wild hog was Maria Theresa, that ordered to kill all live wild hogs that live in nature on her land. Anyway, it did not work as she predicted and this animal survived her orders. They live mostly in groups of 10 up to 30 animals. On one place they live untill there is enough food. When all food is gone they move to another living place. This animal species lives 8 and up to 10 years. The biggest enemy of this animal is wolf.

Mysterious world of birds

In this region, there is more then 60 sorts of birds. 15 of this sorts are on the red list of endangered species of birds are living. Most of sorts of birds can be watched in spring, in august and september you may watch them getting ready for winter sleep. At that time all birds search for warmer place to live. Most common sorts are prosnik, kanja, mlakarica duck and other similar species.

Belorepec eagle

The main characteristic of this species is a short white tale and big wings. His kingdom is usually near rivers and lakes. Main dish on his menu are usually birds living near water and sometimes also some weak deer. Synonyms and other name of eagle Belorepec is »postojna«.


In history, people belived that dormouse is an animal of devil itself. They live up to 5 years of age. Because of its culinary delight feature they end their life earlier. People use their fat for making cure in form of creams and similar. They are often common food for martens, owls and other predators.