Discover Kočevsko 2019

On the 20th and 21st of September 2019, we organized a traditional event Discover Kočevsko that took place in the center of Kočevje. The event was a true feast for the eyes, smell, taste, and hearing as it united traditional cuisine, craftmanship, dance, music, and workshops for children with the main intent to enrich the fall happenings in the area of Kocevsko.

The event is based on volunteer work, which we are very proud of. It began on Friday when we were promoting bee products such as honey, wax, pollen, and medopin (our specialty, a mix of pollen, honey, propolis, and royal jelly) and organized a beekeeping exhibition. Visitors of our stand were able to taste our delicious honey breakfast and chat with our bee mascot. The majority of them were children. We gave away more than 450 honey breakfast meals.

On Saturday, the streets of Kočevje were filled with the smell of our traditional dish game goulash, cinnamon, and fresh apples. While cooking teams were competing for the award of the best goulash cook, the giant strudel was being made. We were enjoying entertainment for all tastes – national accordion music, wind orchestra, street swing, jazz, Bosnian and Serbian folklore dancing groups, majorette and hip hop performances.

The event was literally very spicy this year – we organized a contest Who is the chil(i)est?, where the winner was the participant who ate the largest amount of chilies.

There were more than 30 stands that were offering an abundant variety of handmade items such as earrings, backpacks, wood products and so much more.

We also prepared numerous nature survival workshops for both children and adults.

Visitors of the event were also encouraged to check out the interactive touchscreen in our shop where we were promoting our project ‘’Living in the embrace of the forest’’.