Hiking: Little trail of Kozice

The blaze of the acorn

You will be able to see and get to know diverse species of plants and trees during the hike through the vivid forest. You will reach the hill Špičasti hrib and continue to the edge of the Kolpa canyon with the view point at the peak of Kozice hill that lays on the altitude of 730 meters above the sea level. With some luck, you can meet many forest animals – we advise you to bring your book about wildlife in the area of Kočevsko. This way your trip will not only be a sport activity, but also a educational one.

The skull of an animal in the forest
You can rest and have a snack at the breath-taking viewpoint

After the picturesque views of the hills, villages and the canyon, the trail straightens and soon ascends again towards the hill Pajtlerica that lays on the altitude of 850 meters above the sea level.The efforts of the hike are rewarded by the stunning views that stretch above the Kolpa canyon and the city of Kočevje all the way to Croatian hills Okruglik and Klek.

From the hill Goli hrib the trail takes you to the chapel where you can sign the entry booklet. After that you turn left and return to the starting point past the Peklenski zid. From the viewpoint at the hill Peklenski zid you can see virgin forest Krokar and the hills Goteniški Snežnik and Notranjski Snežnik. For the better recognition of the forests, hills and the remains of the virgin forests of the Kočevsko area you can visit the Tourist Association of Kočevje (Address: Trg zbora odposlancev 47, 1330 Kočevje) where you can get free hiking maps and other information that will help you to have the best hiking exprience possible.

The map of Kozice trail

The remains of the lonely farms along this trail will tell you stories about the past and the trees will speak to you about mysterious, untouched and beauty of the wilderness. We recommend this trip to everyone who loves hiking, history, biology and to those who simply enjoy nature.

One of the many viewpoints of Kozice trail