Hiking: Stojna

The Grajska pot (Castle trail) is a medium-difficulty marked trail. It is 3.8 km long and the walk will take you about two hours. On your way, you will be guided by the markings of a castle.

The hike’s starting point is in Podgorska Street, Kočevje, where you will also find a parking lot with information boards. From the parking lot you walk to a well-marked crossroads, where you turn left in the direction of the Grajska pot. At first you will bypass a house and then the path will turn left and begin an ascent over a grassy slope. You will continue the path through the forest with a moderate ascent.

When you will reach the first forest road, the trail will start gradually becoming a bit steeper. The well-marked path will cross the forest road a few more times, after which it will lead you to a crossroads where you will continue slightly to the left in the direction of Livoldski vrh (Livoldski hill) and Fridrihštajn Castle. (Turn right if you want to visit Mestni vrh and or Koča pri Jelenovem studencu).

The path will cross the forest road again a little higher up and then split slightly further into two parts. Continue left (or right if you wish to take a very difficult route) and in a few minutes of further walking you will reach the top, where under the ruins of the castle you can find out more about its history.

The castle of Fridrihštain was built in the 15th century, it lies at an altitude of 970 meters and is located south of the town Kočevje. Today only the ruins remain of the highest lying castle in Slovenia, silently telling the love story between Frederick II the Count of Celje and Veronica Deseniška. The ruins have been restored and protected from further decay so they can continue telling the story of our only medieval romance, which we can almost feel in the serene tranquility of the nature that surrounds these mighty ruins.

There are two trails (as before mentioned) leading to the ruins of the castle where the entry box with the stamp is located. A demanding climbing path intended for experienced climbers or those who are already adept in climbing or the second easier route, which is reserved for the less courageous.

After a successful climb to the castle we recommend that you continue your hike to the Koča pri Jelenovem Studencu (“Cottage at the Deer well”) where you can grab some tea, coffee or lunch.  The cottage is managed by the Kočeve Alpine Society. On the way to the hut, follow the markings and you will find informational boards that will give you even more knowledge about the surrounding hills and hiking trails. Continue straight ahead and you will soon see a cozy cabin surrounded by green hills.  

The hut is located on a small clearing behind Mestni vrh in the Stojna hill range and is the starting point of the Kočevje hill path. The path links the sights of the southwestern part of Kočevje municipality and the municipalities of Osilnica nad Kostel and is approximately 120 km long. Near the hut is Jelenov studenec (“Deer well”) in which the water never runs out. The hut used to be a shelter for forest workers but in 1952 the Kočevje Alpine Society took over the cottage and converted it into a mountain post. You will find playgrounds here and a smaller climbing wall for your children to learn how to climb.

Once you have enough of the colorful sounds and beauties of the nature (f that is even possible), head down the marked path back to the starting point in Podgorska Street.

We recommend the trail to everyone who enjoys a lovely trip into the nature especially those who also wish to learn a bit of history of the place they visit.