Hiking: The Eagle Trail

This article is about an interesting trail that follows the Reško lake. The main purpose for its creation was to educate the visitors about the life of white-tailed eagle as this lake is its only habitat in the area of Kocevsko. The white tailed eagle is one of the biggest European eagles – its wing span measures more than 2.5 meters. It is endangered by the deforestation and the use of pesticides and heavy metals.

The starting point for the Eagle trail is by the Cultural home in Kočevska Reka (Address: Kočevska Reka 5) where you can also visit the Eagle room. The path to the lake follows the signs that partly lead along the main concrete road where we turn right after a while. It leads us down the hill to a cute little log cabin. Pass the cabin the road leads us into the woods.

The beginning of the trail

This is the beginning of the trail and from the start we can already enjoy the view of the Reško lake. Quite soon we arrive at a small meadow, where we can find a table with a bench – it is a perfect place for a picnic.

Resting spot by the lake

We can continue on the path of the trail to a modern bridge, which we cross.

Bridge of the Reško lake
View from the bridge

Reško lake is an important living habitat for a rich biodiversity in the area. The lake was formed when they build a dam on the Reško stream. The western shores of the lake are covered with a spruce forest reserve, which means that the forest is left to its natural development.

Eastern green lizard
Lacerta viridis
Plants by the lake
Fir trees along the Eagle trail

On the trail we will soon notice different didactic aids and informational boards. They were built to educate (in a fun way) about the white-tailed eagle. That is why, this path is very good for families with small children, who are interested in animals.

Informative boards about white tailed eagle
Didactic aid
Fly from the nest!
Eagle, where are you?
Swing by the lake

The path is circular and approximately 1 kilometre long. When we arrive at the starting point, we can also explore the other side of the lake. To locate it we have to fallow the macadam road down and past the pasture.

Path to the other part of the lake

We are at the finish when we see a wooden observatory, where we can go to observe birds and other animals, without interrupting them.

Observatory by the Reško lake
Windows for silent animal watching
View from the observatory

Various measures were required for this habitat to be a relatively peaceful breading and nesting ground for the white-tailed eagle as this bird is very sensitive to human activity. That is why the fishing reserve on the northern parts of the lake is separated by a barrier from the rest of the lake. It is not allowed to go boating on the fishing reserve.

Fish reserve where it is forbidden to boat

In the end it is good to emphasize, that the Eagle trail presents a perfect excursion for families with kids or elderly as the trail is short and not difficult. We also recommend it to bird lovers, especially those that want to learn about the white-tailed eagle and have some fun with the didactical aids and the observatories.

View from the observatory