Hiking: Trail Krempa – Borič

It is an easy and marked trail (a part of the Borovec nature trail), the starting point of which is located in Borovec, a small village near Kočevska Reka. We can park at the crossroads upon arrival at the village and if we continue on foot towards the upper part of the village we will find information boars about the Borovec nature trail and Borovec village (also called Inlauf). We continue on the trail across a vast meadow to a hunting observatory where the path will lead us into the forest.  Through the forest, we ascend to the next meadow, where we will find markings that symbolize the countless daffodils that bloom in this area in May. This area is considered the southernmost habitat of this type of flower in Slovenia.

Informative board about the daffodil flowers
The path across the meadow

After ascending across the meadow we will reach the “Kremparsko sedlo” (866 m), where a magnificent view over the canyon of the Kolpa River will open.  On a bench we can have a rest, dine and take pictures whilst in the company of pine trees. If we would like to go to the top of Krokar, we would need to turn right at this point. But our group opted for Krempa and therefore we followed the path to the left, which runs along the forest reserve of the same name.

The viewpoint ”Kremparsko sedlo”
The stunning view from the ”Kremparsko sedlo”

Soon we reached the summit of Krempa, located at an altitude of 942 m. Here again we are surprised by the magnificent views over the valley. In the distance we can see the Kuželjska stena (Kuželj wall), the virgin forest and summit of Krokar, Loška stena (Loška wall), Skradski vrh, Skrad, Drgomalj, Risnjak, Snežnik and Notranjski Snežnik. Below us we can locate the rocks of Turn, Mirtoviški potok, villages Srobotnik, Mirtoviči, Bosljiva Loka, Grintovec and Ložec ob Kolpi. We can also see the church of St. Ana.

We can continue our journey to Borič by following the markings along the way. During the hike we are accompanied by interesting changes in the vegetation and different animal tracks. With a bit of luck, we can see chamois on the steep slopes. The path is wild and unspoiled, quite far away from “civilization”. It is and easy path only before the summit we have a slightly more demanding ascent. We estimate that the trail is about 3 kilometers long.

Before reaching Borič (915 m)

We recommend the trail to all of you who are more adventurous in nature and who want to take a deeper dive into nature and enjoy the extraordinary views.